released October 31, 2015




ZIRCO FISHER - composer, producer

CHLOE DELLARK - vox, spells, live performance

BRETT CARRUTHERS - co-producer, mastering

WARNER RESHIFE - beats, sequencing

PROFESSOR KEYPRESSER - vocals, live performance



all rights reserved


SQUID LID Toronto, Ontario

Squid Lid is a Toronto based Dark Pop Electronic band. Their music draws influence from Industrial, Electro-House, Dubstep, and Circus Soundtracks while their unforgettable live show features signature costume, lighting and set design with an eerie cast of glowing creatures that change before your very eyes! ... more

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Track Name: Figment Shifter
I'm not a main character, I'm not a medium character, I'm a low character.
I am confused as to what I am.

Rummage your sense defences, I'm going to rearrange all fences
I'm going to swaddle your mind - you're going to love it in time.
Render yourself defenceless , I'm going to challenge your set incentives
I'm going to tickle your spine, it's going to crooked your line

No one saw who I was until I put on the mask.
Evolution always wins
Can you now feel the beat from your own heart?
Silence, Listen
If we're licensed to be monsters, we end up truly being monsters
But let us not talk of monsters.
Track Name: Manta Ray Bait
Call out to feeders, we're your pray.
Swallow us up like your a Manta Ray.
We've got your plankton up inside our veins,
give us a taste like we're the new gourmet.

Nice one, we got the food in us,
you got the hunger for us,
it fits well, that's right!

We've got your jam man
Not second hand man
This is the plan man,
You know we can man,
Don't leave us hanged man.

>>> Trawling <<<

Born strong baby, only strength,
anything and everything
I'm strong in any situation, throw it at me
I'd fashion a weapon, I'd kill it dead before it even got near me,
Well, I'll have to show you
Track Name: Shark Club
Swim as fast as you can, blade sharp as knives
Attacker attacking to tackle your box, so ticity tocs
That's the spirit
Track Name: Fevered Krewe
Singers - Lindsay Goodtimes x Chloe Dellark

Stand upon the edge of this knife
it's a long road we'll take together
venture forth upon this task
joined with you there's no one better

I can see thru eyes that see horizons unfold for us
Now with sites set high we'll realize dreams made when younger
Track Name: Wave Gage
I'm riding high up on a wave, I'm sailing
I'm climbing high up on a wave, I'm playing

I found my wave, it's got my medicine in it,
it paves my way, 'cause I design.
Track Name: Flask of Ink
B4UGO - I want to gaze into your eyes
B4UGO -Relive the moments idealized
B4UGO -Change your mind and hypnotize
I want you as my prize

B4UGO - I’ll make you shiny, make you fine
B4UGO - Stand you up to walk that line
B4UGO - Make you stay and be all mine
I want you all the time

B4UGO - I want to feed you make you well
B4UGO - Collect your secrets, never tell
B4UGO - crack you open, break your shell
I'll hold you with my spell

Just stay, Just stay with me
Just stay, Just stay close to me (X2)

- I want to keep you, watch you grow
- I’ll see the side nobody knows
- make you dance and do a show
I won't ever let go…..no no no

Ease my pain, just stay close to me
I feel sane, when you're here right next to meeeeeee

B4UGO - I want to gaze into your eyes
B4UGO - Relive the moments idealized
B4UGO - Won't you look into my eyes?
Stay with me as my prize

Just stay, Just stay with me
Just stay, Just stay close to me (X2)

I’ll make you shiny, make you fine
Stand you up to walk that line
Make you stay and be all mine
I want you all the time (x2)
I want you as my prize
Track Name: Shiny Metal Lure
Thinking back on the day, a line was put right thru me
I was shiny so sparkly so new
Expectations of landing a big catch grew in me
Hooking up with a monster or two
I was bent with intent on a winner
Didn't seem such a hard thing to prove
At the end of the trip I was reeled up
Hook was clean and my shine was so blue.
Ooooooooooh - It doesn't have to be that way. Ok OK OK?

Second day out at sea, wasn't better than first time
kept on coming up empty and dry
There were more like me in the waters along side
Looking big and so fresh and so fly
Most were pulling a sizeable income
I was losing my shine by and by
Then I heard a sweet song from the deep tides
It was simple and honest and right

Ooooooooooh - It doesn't have to be that way. Ok OK OK?

Time to shine feel so fine now and focus
Keep an eye on the prize, follow thru
no more steering a boat that was sinking
I knew now what it was I should do
Find the side of myself that most shiny
Lock on target and hold to it true
Suddenly I'm attached to a great white
and it's about to be breaking news

~~~It doesn't have to be this way…. ok, ok ok?
Track Name: Wormhole Key
All systems clear and running, Stand by NOW

Wormhole Key - Feels the strong force
Wormhole Key - Becomes Infinite
Wormhole Key - A system using uncertainty
Wormhole Key - The less accurately, the other can be known
Track Name: Calling Tamarindo
It's all gone pear shaped, mate...
Clear out - we can work together